Early Mayfly about

Went down to the river yesterday evening. It was good to see a few early mayfly about. The fish though didn’t seem to be much interested in them yet. Only landed one wild brownie, but did get lots of other rises from small fish. I am not sure how many of them were trout. Hopefully though we will see lots of mayfly in the next few days.

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Memories of Michael Turner RIP, Sept 2001

My father Michael Turner was for many years a member, Secretary and Chairman of the club that was originally formed by his father and a group of friends. Sadly he has recently died at the ripe age of 104. I am sure there will be nobody who remembers him but just in case I thought I would let you know as I think he was made an honorary member for all the years he spent with the club. We along with my late father in law Miles Parsons, his brother Toad Parsons and others members such as Tim Densham and Michael Hutchinson enjoyed working parties cutting back the trees and undergrowth and I am sure that still goes on.

My father always fished with a black gnat as a dropper and a mallard and claret as a tail often having two trout on at once; he taught me to fish on the waters and being always one to enjoy a challenge I used to fish with two droppers with the tail as a mallard and claret and yes once I caught three and landed them in the pool near the bridge by the farm observed by the then secretary Dr Roy Fells who shook his head in disbelief!

I trust the waters are still fruitful and we as a family have many happy memories, me kicking a rugby ball with Bruce Thompson when I had caught my limit!

With kind regards to all at the club

Nick Turner

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